How to geekify your Fourth of July weekend

Geekend presents fart guns, cool BBQ aprons and how to be a whack-a-mole hustler

We've got a special "double episode" of Geekend - with many people off next week due to the Fourth of July holiday falling on a Thursday, we are covering the next two weekends with geeky weekend suggestions covering movies, barbecues and local carnivals.


Will Minions dominate the July 4 box office? Does anyone really remember The Lone Ranger TV show? Is the water gun carnival game fixed? Is there a cool way to wear a BBQ apron? Find answers to these and other burning questions in the weekly episode of Geekend, presented here:

Show notes: * Trailer: "The Heat" - * Trailer: "White House Down" - * Trailer: "Despicable Me 2" - * Trailer: "The Lone Ranger" - * Tactical BBQ apron -

What big plans do you have for the Fourth of July weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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