Here's a master list of over 700 free online courses from top universities

You can learn almost anything with these free audio and video courses

Ready for a lifetime of learning? Schools such as Stanford, MIT, Oxford University, and Harvard offer a quality education--for free, and you don't even have to register. To create your own online education, all you have to do is visit Open Culture's master list of free audio and video courses.

Open Culture is a goldmine of free resources--everything from free eBooks and audiobooks to free language lessons and, yes, online courses. The site has been enhancing its master list of online courses, integrating both lectures from several years ago and recently produced courses. There's also a new collection of certificate-bearing courses.

You'll find 85 courses in philosophy, 80 in computer science, 35 in physics, 60 in history, and much more. You can access the courses via YouTube, iTunes, or the universities' websites, depending on the course.

Here's the link again so you can craft your own Ivy League-quality education at home (did we mention it was free?!): Open Culture.

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