Mash-up gold: The Avengers meet Mister Rogers

Video brings Bob Ross, Carl Sagan and other PBS stars back to fight junk TV

The folks at the GrittyReboots YouTube channel have posted a cool mash-up video, in which stars from PBS shows back in the day (Bob Ross, Carl Sagan, Bill Nye the Science Guy and Mister Rogers) come back to today's world to fight the evils of reality television.


Even better, it's done in the style of the trailer for The Avengers, always popular with the kids.

While this may just be a parody video, they make an excellent point about the state of television these days - it often seems that people are more interested in Honey Boo Boo than learning about science, space, the arts or just being neighborly.

And from the YouTube comments, it looks like they tried to get Neil deGrasse Tyson and LeVar Burton (from Reading Rainbow), maybe if this goes viral they'll show up in a sequel.

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