Watch this animation of Patton Oswalt's famous 'Star Wars Filibuster' speech

This version couldn't be any worse than Episode I

A few weeks ago, the Internet was abuzz from a speech given by Patton Oswalt on the NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation" in which his character is trying to filibuster a city council meeting by offering up his script for the next Star Wars movie (aka Episode VII). While the original version was edited for the TV show, an unedited version of the speech made its rounds on the Internet, causing much love for Oswalt.


If you enjoyed that, you'll want to see this animation that takes the speech and adds visual elements to what Oswalt is suggesting - a giant epic masterpiece merging the worlds of Marvel's "The Avengers", the X-men and Star Wars universe. It's just as epic as the original video (also posted here in case you wanted to see that again).

Here's the original video in all its glory:

Personally, I wish that Oswalt had also added elements from the Star Trek universe, both the original and alternate ones - I'd love to see old Kirk, new Kirk and both Spocks taking on Boba Fett.

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