Watch two puppets review movies they haven't seen

Why the Glove and Boots YouTube show should do weekly movie reviews

While summer doesn't start officially until June 21, the summer movie season has been going on for a few weeks (unofficially since the first weekend in May with the release of "Iron Man 3"). If you are a comic book fan, this is a summer chock full of cool movies, but you've also likely been busy with other things (like watching "Game of Thrones" and "Arrested Development" on Netflix).


If you need a refresher on what's been out or what's coming out, watch our two favorite YouTube puppets, Glove and Boots, as they present their "Summer Movie Review" video. Of course, they haven't seen any of these movies (some aren't out yet, and hey, they've been busy too).

Just remember, don't anger a puppet that looks like Thor.

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