Can you Name That Noise?

Mystery sounds from the world of technology and geek culture. Welcome to our new series

Inspired by one of ITworld's more popular slideshows ("20 historic tech sounds you may have forgotten"), we are starting a brand-new series on the ITworld YouTube channel, challenging viewers to sharpen their eardrums and "Name That Noise"


Starting today, you can watch the video below to listen to our mystery sound (gathered from the world of technology, video games and/or other geek-related pursuits) and see if you can identify it. We'll run the first 10 episodes over the next 10 business days, and then we plan on running one per week.

Ready to play? Here's the first one:

Easy, right? We promise to have some more difficult ones, plus some easier ones if you think these get too difficult. Have a suggestion for a mystery sound or one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments or send me an email -

Stumped? Click to the next page to see the answer!

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