A super roundup of Superman YouTube videos

Big fan of the Man of Steel? Check out these awesome (some may say super!) videos

If you're a fan of the guy in the big blue suit (you know, the guy who wears red underpants on the outside of his costume), this is a big weekend.


With the new Superman movie, "Man of Steel" hitting movie theaters, we're also seeing an uptick in the number of Superman-related videos hitting YouTube. These go beyond simple movie trailers - many of the most-popular YouTube channels are doing their own take on the Last Son of Krypton.

Here's a roundup of some of my favorites:

Combining Lego with Superman is a no-brainer, so thanks to the Lego channel, we get a quick animation on Superman's latest problem - finding a phone booth for him to change at (you see, kids, back in the days before everyone had a cell phone, you had these boxes where people could make telephone calls):

In this next video, popular YouTube stars Rhett and Link provide us with "MAN OF STEEL: The Musical", different from the actual Superman musical they made in the 1960s.

If you ever wondered about how strong human beings could get (like, could Superman ever really be that strong in real life?), check out the AsapSCIENCE video that discusses "The Scientific Secret of Strength and Muscle Growth":

The Vsauce3 channel has a video entitled "What if Superman Punched You?", which contemplates the idea of what would happen if Superman hit you in real life? (I think it would hurt):

The folks at The Nerdist have combined the Superman mythos with our favorite video game, "Skyrim", to present their take on the Man of Steel:

Even Marvel god Stan Lee has a Superman video - in one of his "Stan's Rants" over at World of Heroes, Lee asks the question of viewers if any of them can figure out how Superman flies (unlike Iron Man, who uses rockets).

The guys from MythBusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, did this video, courtesy of the Gillette YouTube channel, explaining how they think Superman shaves his face:

After all of these Superman videos, it's totally understandable why Batman may feel a bit left out. But fortunately, he's been keeping himself busy appearing in other movies:

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