Squee alert: The Lego Movie trailer is a geeksplosion of awesomeness

Animated Lego movie with bricks and minifigures (and Morgan Freeman) coming next year

OK, I usually don't hype up new movie trailers that much, but in this case I'm going all out. This trailer for "The LEGO Movie" is super-fantastic-awesome-geeky-wonderful, and in the words of Homer Simpson, "Better than 10 Super Bowls".


Imagine taking all of the properties that Lego has licensed for its toys and video games, and putting them into a movie together. Use the CGI animation found in previous Lego video games and animated features (the recent Star Wars and Batman videos come to mind). Then add the voice of Chris Pratt, who plays Andy Dwyer on "Parks and Recreation", as well as the Internet's favorite actor, Morgan Freeman. This has so much geek love written all over it, my head is going to explode. Just watch this and share with your Lego-obsessed friends:

Other voices in the movie include Liam Neeson, Will Ferrell (as "President Business"), Alison Brie (Annie on "Community"), Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett (as Batman). Just take my money now.

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