Scary weekend ahead: Animated monsters, Brad Pitt zombies and Chuck E. Cheese

Get a jump start on your geeky weekend plans with this week's Geekend video

Because sequels are always better than the original, here's Episode II of ITworld's new web video series, "Geekend".


This week, Phil Johnson and I chat about the new Monsters University film, whether Brad Pitt can save the world from zombies, and why Chuck E. Cheese might just be scarier than zombies or monsters.

Show notes/links: * Monsters University trailer - * World War Z trailer - * Brad Pitt on Head of the Class - * Dark Knight Rises on HBO - * Chuck E. Cheese - * Technology of WarGames - * 9 animated shorts that give Pixar a run for its money - Remember to join us every Friday for a new episode, and let us know in the comments what your geeky weekend plans are!

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