Squee alert: Farming Simulator 2013 trailer

If you've mastered FarmVille, take your farming skills to the next level

At first glance I was all set to mock this new video game - Farming Simulator 2013, which lets you test out your skills at driving tractors and harvesting crops on your favorite gaming console (Xbox 360 or Sony PS3).


But then I noticed that there have already been two other games in this series, and there's a Facebook page, YouTube channel and website dedicated to fans of the game.

According to the Facebook page, their game is "the #1 farming simulation game", and the new version includes "an entirely new American environment," and new vehicles, including the Case IH Axial-Flow combine and the Magnum 340.

Proving that there's a niche market for every taste, I proudly present the summer trailer for Farming Simulator 2013, which comes out in the fall.

So go ahead and mock the game in the comments if you want - I'm looking forward to the release. It certainly beats asking friends to send me pig feed.

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