Mash-up gold: Wolverine meets Broadway

A fantastic video has comic-book puppets belting it out Broadway style!

The fantastic YouTube channel "GloveandBoots" has another brilliant puppet video, featuring our favorite X-men team member Wolverine (remember, movie coming on June 26).


No, the Wolverine puppet here isn't going to slash, hack or argue with other team members. Because he's played by Hugh Jackman, who moonlights on the Broadway stage when he's not acting in Wolverine or X-men movies, we get a full-blown "Wolverine - The Musical" parody, complete with several songs from The Great White Way. With special appearances by Spider-Man, The Hulk and Multiple Man, this one is a treat for any fans of comics and/or musicals.

Take it away, puppet Wolverine!

My favorite part of this? No Russell Crowe.

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