Comic-con costumes, chess computers and Google Maps vacation tips

Beat the heat with some geeky weekend activities - yep, it's another Geekend episode!

On this week's Geekend web series, a live-in-the-studio Phil Johnson joins Keith Shaw to discuss the folks who dress up in costume at Comic-Con, the thrills and joys of computer chess and madness of planning a vacation via Google Docs and Google Maps.


Remember to join us every week for tips, trailers and other geek-related weekend activities.

Show notes/links: * (0:32) San Diego Comic-Con - official site. * (2:56) RIPD movie trailer * (3:09) Red 2 movie trailer * (3:22) Computer Chess movie trailer * (4:56) Archon C64 gameplay video * (5:30) Google Docs / Google Maps vacation planning tips

What geeky pursuits are you planning this weekend? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to the ITworld YouTube channel and share this show with friends and family!

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