YouTube creates Geek Week video stunt - umm, yay?

Celebrating popular YouTube channels that celebrate geekery

So, YouTube had so much "success" with its "Comedy Week" stunt a few weeks back, that they're at it again, but this time with "Geek Week."


Coming Aug. 4 through Aug. 10, expect to see all of those geek-themed channels (including geekandsundry, freddiew and The Nerdist) to come up with new videos that "celebrate the geek". Here's the promo for the stunt, featuring YouTube channels that you've most likely already subscribed to.

I don't know why, but this is kind of annoying to me. It really feels like that those people who are becoming popular for being "geeks" are now the kids sitting at the "cool table", when being a geek has always been about being excluded from that table. Despite their insistence that geekdom is all inclusive, I'm still seeing way-too-attractive people claiming to be nerds.

I suppose that I'm just jealous, old and cynical compared to today's geeky superstars. If you're really into the whole "geek" thing, be sure to tune in during YouTube's Geek Week.

Just be sure to also check in with our weekly "Geekend" show, which features two less-attractive-hosts-with-glasses than what you'll see during YouTube's "Geek Week."

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