Singing superheroes, Nazi zombies and well-groomed astronauts

Some geeky things to watch or do over the next few weekends - it's Geekend time!

We've got another special double-episode of Geekend for you to peruse and enjoy this week (as vacations and travel get in the way).


Join the fun as Phil Johnson and I discuss the difference between Jean Valjean and Wolverine, what to call zombies created by Dr. Frankenstein, and whether future technology will help astronauts look good on a trip to Jupiter.

Remember to join us every week for tips, trailers and other geek-related weekend activities.

Show notes/links: * (1:09) Movie trailer - The Wolverine * (1:50) YouTube clip - Wolverine - The Musical * (3:52) Movie trailer - Frankenstein's Army * (5:40) Movie trailer - Europa Report * (8:11) Imagine if Clark Griswold had Google Maps - Phil's report on vacation planning * (10:06) Keith's YouTube's Geek Week post

What geeky pursuits are you planning this weekend? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to the ITworld YouTube channel and share this show with friends and family!

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