Light Shooter lets you channel your inner Legolas, Hawkeye

Japanese archery system expands the ideas of virtual bow-and-arrow firing

Firing a virtual bow and arrow has been around since the days of the Nintendo Wii gaming system (hold one remote straight, use the second remote/nunchuck to pull the string back and push a button). We've seen several games use this concept, but it never truly felt like you were an archery whiz.


But now a project at the Tokyo University of Technology is merging the virtual archery game with a real Japanese bow, giving users the sensation of string tension as part of its simulation. Check out this DigInfo News report on the project:

The video game aspects of this system are a bit basic (the light and vector-based drawings reminded me of '80s-based games like Battle Zone or the first Star Wars arcade game), but I'm sure software could be developed to make the games more realistic. I'd love to see this integrated into games like Skyrim, a Lord of the Rings game (Legolas for the win!) or a Marvel Avengers-based game (Hawkeye's trick arrows!).

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