Watch 40 lines of Tetris clear in under 20 seconds

Line racing Tetris fans prove just how old I'm getting

Invent something that's fun to do (a game, a sport or hobby) and sooner or later you'll achieve a fan base that gets so into it that it becomes obsessive and beyond what the majority of the group does with it. For example, it's not enough to know how to solve the Rubik's Cube - we have to see who can solve it in the shortest amount of time. We have video game leagues that showcase the best first-person shooter players. We have the Olympics for people who prefer more traditional sports, as well, but the list of new competitions for even niche interests continues to grow.

Enter the sport of Tetris line racing to the mix. The "40 Lines", or "Sprint" or "Time Attack" mode lets you "play the game until you clear 40 or more lines". The focus of the line race isn't to get a high score, but rather to see how fast it takes to complete the 40 lines.

A video now circulating on YouTube shows the world's first under-20 second score for this, achieved by a Japanese player known as "Keroco". More on the feat can be seen at Mental Floss, which also includes a Reddit thread discussion for those interested in learning more. Or you could just watch this video to see how it was done (note - the video is not speeded up).

Of course, like every achievement that feels impossible to complete, we now have some controversy. There is a discussion about Keroco's gender, but also about whether the video is genuine or faked.

The only thing that is official, and can be verified, is that I'm old and writing about Tetris line racing. I'm only a few more of these videos away from shouting at neighborhood kids to "get off my lawn!"

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