The ultimate Stan Lee cameo - playable Lego character

Lego video game puts Marvel legend into upcoming game

Comic book legend Stan Lee has made another career out of appearing in all of the Marvel-based movies - it's one of those cool Easter Eggs that you try to remember when watching a movie - what will they get Stan Lee to do? He's appeared as a regular-type guy in some of the movies, to playing characters like Hugh Hefner and Larry King in others. The "Stan Lee cameo" is epic, on par with Pixar Easter Eggs in its animated films.


Now, possibly, we have the ultimate Stan Lee cameo. In the upcoming Lego Marvel Heroes video game, Lee not only gets a cameo, but he becomes a playable character with powers and voiceovers and everything. Marvel Entertainment today published a short video detailing Lee's role in the game, which comes out in October. Excelsior, indeed!

In case you've missed any of Lee's cameos, this quick video will give you a refresher (includes Lee's cameo in the most recent film, Iron Man 3):

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