8-bit Thor is more entertaining than original film

Catch up on the major plotlines before next week's sequel

Comic book fans know that next week brings the movie "Thor: The Dark World" to theaters, bringing the return of Thor since his appearance in last year's Avengers film.


Like me, you may be tempted to head over to Netflix and re-watch the 2011 original "Thor" movie to help you remember characters and details that you may have forgotten. I tried this a few nights ago, and fell asleep shortly after Loki started talking to Odin and blah blah blah Norse mythology, etc., zzzzzzzzz.

Or you could do this - watch this video courtesy of the CinemaSins YouTube channel, in which they present an 8-bit video-game version of the movie. It's much more enjoyable, catches all of the major plot developments to help you remember, is way shorter (under 2 minutes instead of close to 2 hours), and has none of that sloggy Norse mythology stuff.

Now, can someone just remind me again how to pronounce Mjölnir?

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