Forget Mr. Bubble: Bathtub touchscreen projects images on water

From Japan comes this interactive display that will make bath time more fun

Checking in with our friends from DigInfo News, we get this awesome report on a Kinect-based display system that projects images onto the surface of water, making bath time about a billion times more fun.


The AquaTop display uses a Kinect motion-control camera to capture interaction, and the display projects its images "onto a bath filled with water mixed with bath salts." The project is the creation of the Koike Lab at the University of Electro-Communications, DigInfo News says.

More details are available via DigInfo News. If this device works as well as it looks, imagine the possibility for water-based projections - not just with bathtubs, but with larger surfaces (swimming pools anyone?). This also reminds me of some science-fiction stories where characters would enter virtual worlds via immersion-type bathtubs to capture movement and provide haptic feedback (some of this was done in Tad Williams' "Otherworld" series of books).

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