Even robots like Gangnam Style

It's Friday! Enjoy these dancing bots and soccer ball-kicking machines

Yes, we've reported on dancing robots before. But it's Friday, so here's another one.


In some footage from the RobotWorld 2013 show in South Korea, Robots Dreams gives us a bunch of humanoid robots, dancing in synch together to the Psy hit "Gangnam Style".

If you prefer soccer-playing robots instead of dancing ones, check out this video, in which autonomous robots were tested on their ability to kick a soccer ball past a robotic goalie. What's interesting here is that the robots needed to operate autonomously, without any humans providing any remote control. The reboots needed to locate the ball, position themselves, then try to score a goal.

I think humans are safe for the moment from Team Robot in the next World Cup. But in 2018, watch out!

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