Video Supercut: Holy Robin!

The Boy Wonder needs some new superlatives

The brilliant part of a video supercut, in which a theme is chosen and you only see parts of movies or TV shows that relate to that theme, is that it takes on a life of its own and you realize some likely unintended consequences.


In this case, we have a supercut of different Batman cartoons from the 1960s and '70s, in which Batman's sidekick, Robin, espouses a bunch of "Holy xx" phrases, including "Holy Smoke!" and "Holy Banana Splits!". Put all together in one giant clip, you realize a few things. First, the writers did a pretty good job at not repeating themselves when it came to coming up with a new item for Robin to yell out. Second, the whole "Holy …" phrase is really annoying. Third, it appears as if Robin is a solitude figure spouting off random sentences. Fourth, there was a lot of Bat-mite in these clips. Finally, if this was used in any modern cartoons with Robin, he'd likely replace the "Holy …" phrase with a hashtag (#HolyToledo).

Also, sadly, we never got a "Holy Hand Grenade!" from Robin.

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