System lets people watch 2D and 3D at the same time

Japanese projection technology can also provide for dual-language translation

One problem that people currently have with 3D TVs is the requirement that everyone wear special glasses in order to see the 3D. While most people want to see a technology that can produce 3D images without the glasses, a second problem for 3D TV owners arises when there's not enough glasses for everyone to wear (especially if the glasses are an expensive add-on).


To address that problem, check out this DigInfo News report, in which a system can project a 3D image that can only be seen with special glasses. People who view the image without glasses just see a regular 2D image, instead of the offset, blurry image.

While this doesn't address the issue of people not wanting to wear the glasses to view 3D, it can address the glasses shortfall issue. In addition, I think this would have better applications in the dual-language space, or even developed for the hearing-impaired market. Subtitles could be projected onto the filtered part of the movie, with those that need them wearing the special glasses.

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