Geek Weapons: Watch a guy create Sting (Bilbo's sword) from The Hobbit

While orcs aren't nearby, this blade still has a blue tint

The always awesome AWE me channel on YouTube and its "Man At Arms" series has posted a new video, in which weapons master Tony Swatton creates the sword "Sting" from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movie series. The video is also part of a video team-up with another YouTube channel, VSauce2.


The biggest issue is whether you can make a real-life sword glow blue (in the books and movies, the sword glows blue when Orcs are near). While real-life Orcs don't exist (at least we don't think they do), Swatton is still able to create a blue tint on his real-life Sting:

More good timing on the part of this video series, as the latest Hobbit film opens up in 11 days.

Bonus: Check out this video from VSauce2, which features a discussion of legendary swords:

What's your favorite sword, real or imagined?

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