Music Video: Get Off The Phone!

YouTubers create catchy jingle for our smartphone-obsessed culture

Popular YouTubers Rhett & Link have uploaded their latest music video, dedicated to the thousands of people who are constantly checking Facebook, Instagramming, shooting videos or doing other things with their smartphones.


In "Get Off The Phone", the pair highlights several situations that I'm sure you've all encountered in your life - the dad obsessed with Facebook, the stereotypical teen texting during a family gathering, and email checkers during a dinner date. Not only is the video funny, the tune is catchy.

This being the current state of the Internet, the music video has a sponsorship by Buick, so feel free to Tweet their specific hashtag (or view their Tumblr) if you want to "join the conversation". Of course, feel free to share this video on Facebook, or for the ultimate irony, watch the video on your smartphone.

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