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It's getting near the end of the workday, and there are so many other videos I want to write about and share with you. Instead of ignoring them, here they are in one handy blog post, embedded for your ease of use.


We really need to work on that time machine so I can get more things done in the day. Of course, if I had a time machine I'd use it for more things than just extending my work day, but you get the idea.

First up, Numberphile has this video showing a whole bunch of print magazine ads for wristwatches, and they noticed that the time is always near 10:10.

I'm a fan of super-cuts, so this one is relatively entertaining. Titled "Darth Vader's Secret Children - I am your father PARODY", it has a bunch of movie characters shouting "Noooooooo!" like Luke does in "The Empire Strikes Back." A better title, of course, would be "Nooooooooo!", but whatever.

In this video, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the LEGO designers who created the new Lego: The Hobbit sets. I'm a sucker for anything LEGO or Hobbit-related, so this one was very cool to watch:

Speaking of hobbits, the CinemaSins channel, famous for nitpicking our favorite films, has come out with its "Everything Wrong with The Fellowship of the Ring" video, which means we'll also get ones for "The Two Towers" and "Return of the King" as well as the first "Hobbit" movie, just in time for next weekend's big sequel.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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