Here come the Amazon drone parody videos

Hot news story equals almost immediate parody videos

It was inevitable that after Sunday's announcement by Amazon regarding its "Prime Air" delivery-by-drone service, we'd start seeing a bunch of parody videos by YouTubers trying to jump onto the hot news story.


The latest is this video by the team at FinalCutKing, showing off "Amazon Rockets - 5 Minute Shipping". For those who think 30 minutes is way too long to wait for a package:

On Monday, we saw this video from the folks at Waterstones, promising delivery by owl - sort of a Harry Potter parody that's quick on the joke but not much in terms of a true parody.

Still, I'm sure that before the week is out, we'll start seeing higher quality parodies and other videos hitting the web.

Have you seen a good Amazon drone parody video yet? Let me know.

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