Squee alert: Lego Hobbit video game trailer

Coming in 2014 - covering the first two movies in brick-style

Fans of the Lego-based video games will be happy to see the game trailer for this one - it's the first look of the "LEGO The Hobbit" video game from Traveller's Tales and WB Games.


It's not that surprising that they'd make a video game based on The Hobbit - after all, they did a version of the original Lord of the Rings trilogy that was fantastic. What is surprising is that they'd launch a "Hobbit" version that covers the first two movies of the latest trilogy - while the second film pulled in am impressive $73.7 million this past weekend, the third movie won't be out until Christmas 2014. This means that the 2014 video game release will either need a sequel, or we'll see an upgrade that covers the events in the third movie.

Either way, fans of the Lego-based video games will likely snap this up. Like the first video game, the Hobbit one features voice-acting from the original movie and the Lego-style humor these games have come to adopt.

Fans of the plastic brick will also have their hands full with the video game adaptation of the "LEGO Movie", which comes out in 2014 as well. Here's the trailer for that one in case you missed it:

Overall, it will be a fantastic 2014 for fans of LEGO and video games. Wooo!

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