Japanese invention removes contact lens without eyeball touching

Tweezer-and-suction system uses silicon instead of rubber

It's good to see the Japanese working on products other than creepy robots for a change. From our friends at DigInfo TV comes this news report, a very cool product that lets you insert or remove soft contact lenses without needing to touch your eyeball with your grubby fingers.


The Meruru, from Yokohama-based Meditrek, uses silicone instead of rubber to create an inserter that suctions up the lenses instead of picking them up. The remover, in the form of tweezers, allow for easier and non-finger-using removal of the lenses. Apart from the repeating video footage of this guy inserting and removing lenses into his eye, this looks like a very cool product.

I've never owned contact lenses (I only need glasses for driving and use my dark-framed hipster glasses), but I can imagine that this will be appreciated by contact lens wearers. Hopefully the company will start to market this in the U.S., although I can already imagine the late-night infomercials for this product, especially when they utilize the black-and-white imagery showing how painful it is to stick a finger in your eye.

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