Watch these awesome Lego Movie bloopers

Even brick actors goof up

Ever since the early days of Pixar's Toy Story, animated films have been including bloopers in their movies, often putting them in during the credits or placing them on the DVD/Blu-Ray release.


So I was kind of sad when watching The Lego Movie over the weekend, waiting until the end of the movie and discovering that there weren't any bloopers. While they did include two other versions of the catchy "Everything is Awesome" song and a Will-Arnett-as-Batman singing his dark theme, not seeing funny pratfalls was a bit disappointing.

But hooray! Bloopers have been revealed! Seen here in this YouTube clip (via, we get to see the Lego brick actors goof up hilariously. I'd expect to see these inserted into the movie at some point (maybe as a way to encourage return visits), but definitely on the DVD/Blu-Ray.

As great as these are, they still don't compare to the king of the blooper reel, the one from "Cannonball Run" featuring Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Dom Deluise and Burt Reynolds.

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