Catch up on Game of Thrones before Season 4 starts

Here's a quick roundup of our favorite videos from Westeros

We're less than three weeks away from the Season 4 premiere of "Game of Thrones" on HBO, and the number of Thrones-related videos also seem to ramp up as we get closer to April 6.


The latest video from the official Game of Thrones YouTube channel is this "Long Story Short" piece, an entertaining look at how this whole thing got started, with very quick interviews with executive producers and writers David Benioff and Dan Weiss. With narration by Charles Dance (he plays Tywin Lannister):

For those who may have forgotten what happened on the show last season (it was a whole year that went by), the show offers up this 25-minute recap to remind you why there's a whole lot of people who love this show: [SPOILERS - duh]

The show has done three official trailers for the upcoming season. Here's the third - labeled "Secrets". I try to avoid watching too many trailers, as I want to see the visuals while I'm watching the show, rather than waiting to expect to see a particular scene as shown in the trailer (i'm odd that way)

If you need to watch even more Game of Thrones-related videos, check out the Emergency Awesome YouTube channel for a regular steady diet of content. Here's his "Biggest Deaths So Far Breakdown" video, highlighting all of the characters (beloved and not-so-loved) who have kicked the bucket:

These next three weeks are going to be tough to handle - good thing there's NCAA basketball to take up my time.

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