Throwback Thursday Tech: What’s in Keith’s Desk?

Going retro by digging through yesterday’s (more like yesteryear’s) technology

As the Network World Cool Tools columnist since about 2000, I’ve collected and reviewed a vast array of gadgets, gizmos and other technology knick-knacks. While many of these items have been returned to the vendors (the really expensive stuff, at least), many times they end up being stored in closets, my office or my desk.

Witness, for example, this photo of my desk, complete with a random variety of technology, some reviewed, some waiting to be reviewed, and some things that actually get used to help produce content here at the IDG Enterprise family of sites and publications:


Yeah, it’s kind of messy, but I like to think of it as an organized chaos - for the most part I know where everything is, and a lot of it reminds me of things that I need to get to and other things that I need to either clean up, send back or just plain give away.

So in the spirit of two things - the Throwback Thursday” trend on the Internet/social media (where people post old photos of themselves on Facebook), as well as “Spring Cleaning”, I’ve decided to start a regular weekly posting of “What’s in Keith’s Desk?”, featuring a bit of retro or old technology.

Today’s entry: A second-generation 10GB iPod from Apple from 2002 - I believe this was a review unit sent to me by Apple that I never returned (take that, Katie Cotton!). If I can dig up an old FireWire connector, I’m going to try to recharge the battery and see what songs are on it.


In future weeks, I’ll dig up some additional technology from the depths of my desk drawers - some of the items I can’t even properly identify, so I may need help from the wisdom of the crowds. In those cases, I plan on giving away items (mostly old USB flash drives, but maybe some valuable “newer” things) for any assistance with identifying them. Let’s clean up my office together!

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