Throwback Thursday Tech Home Edition

Keith’s home office desk is just as bad with old technology (some say worse)

So I’m working from home (WFH or WAH) today, but that won’t stop me from producing another segment of “What’s in Keith’s Desk?” as part of “Throwback Thursday.” Let’s take a visit to my basement, where my “home office” is sort of located:


Holy Hoarders! I know what you’re thinking - “Seriously, Keith? You need professional help!”

OK, I’ll admit it looks pretty bad. But in my defense, we did some serious upper house cleaning this weekend for a family event, so a lot of the boxes and stuff were just transferred from other living areas into this area.

When I WFH or WAH, it’s usually upstairs on my MacBook Pro - this area once housed a larger desktop system (it’s hidden in the photo off to the left somewhere under some of those other boxes) that was my computer gaming rig in the years before the kids came along (and before I made the “Big Mac Switch of 2011” thanks to the folks at Microsoft and their Windows Vista / Windows 8 operating systems).

There’s a lot to choose from down here (there’s a ton of old Ethernet, USB and even some old telephone modem cords packed away in boxes - because, yeah, I might need those again), but in digging through the clutter I found that I had four external keyboards sitting down there:


From bottom to top: * 1: A Dynex keyboard that I purchased at Best Buy when I was trying to play a new computer game (not realizing that I likely had three other keyboards down there). This was an impulse buy, for sure. * 2: An Adesso MKB-135B keyboard - this full-size mechanical gaming keyboard includes a USB Hub and audio jack on the side - this was a gift guide item from a few years ago. * 3: A Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard - the RZ03-0026 model was also a gift guide item aimed at serious gamers (I used these with MMOs I played in my kid-free life) * 4: The Roccat ISKU illuminated gaming keyboard (ROC-12-701) - I still use this one on occasion when I feel like connecting an external keyboard to my MacBook Pro and see what’s going on in Guild Wars 2 (which happens very rarely). This one may be rescued from the pile soon.

Sadly, I don’t have a Roccat Ryos MK Pro gaming keyboard, but I do have this video clip I took in 2013 at CES when I got an up close look at it in Las Vegas:

It’s probably better that Roccat didn’t send me that keyboard, as it would likely end up in my basement pile after a while anyway.

Next week we should be back to the regular office desk - I may spend some time this Memorial Day weekend organizing/throwing out some other stuff down there.

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