Throwback Thursday Tech: Flip Phone Fun!

Pretending to be Captain Kirk with the Motorola T720c

It’s been a few weeks since my last Throwback Thursday Tech post, what with vacation, travel and work-from-home duties. But I’m back today with another dig in the office desk, searching for gadgets and goodies from years past.


This week, check out this Motorola T720c cell phone (worked on the Verizon Wireless CDMA network). The phone was available in October 2002, and featured an outstanding 2.3 hours of talk time (whoooooo!). The 120 by 160 color screen was quite impressive, and it featured BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless, a Qualcomm platform) downloadable applications.


Another cool feature was the LCD screen on the outside of the phone, which I believe had caller ID functionality so you could see who was calling you before you flipped open the phone. Navigating the menus was accomplished by a few buttons as well as a four-direction center button. The phone’s antenna also slid up to help you improve your cell signal if you needed it. The phone's small size meant you could could easily fit inside a pocket, something that’s harder and harder to do these days with larger-screen smartphones.

The coolest part of the phone was obviously the flip feature - it looked and felt so much like a Star Trek tricorder when you flipped it open to make or answer a telephone call.

Here are some additional photos of the phone - did anyone else own this model?

The 3.6V lithium ion battery that you could access through the back of the phone:


Somebody put a Hulk sticker on the back of the phone - surely that couldn't have been me:


Close-up of the Hulk sticker (photo taken with OlloClip Macro 3-in-1 Lens for iPhone 5/5S):


Close-up of the Motorola logo on the T720c's front (photo taken with OlloClip Macro 3-in-1 Lens for iPhone 5/5S):


Sadly, I can't find the charger for this phone, it would have been interesting to see if I had downloaded any BREW apps for the phone or to see what ringtones I had downloaded (remember when unique ringtones were fun?)

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