According to mobile analytics, iPad Air seems to be off to a strong start

Credit: Source: Apple

The day after Apple's October iPad event I wrote about it, asking if the new models were game changers or more of the same. Answering my own question I complained that the event was too pretentious to support the products. The new iPads were nice but really just faster versions of last year's model.

I'm a big enough man to admit when I was wrong, and it seems I was wrong with that post, at least in terms of the iPad Air. While Apple hasn't released any official numbers, mobile analytics firm Fiksu has been tracking adoption rate of the Air and comparing it to the iPad 4, and their data shows the iPad Air killing it in comparison to the 4th gen iPad.

Four days after release the iPad 4th gen was accounting for .17% of active devices that Fiksu could track. In comparison the iPad Air accounted for .86% after the same 4 days. Of course this could be an anomaly; either a short-term bump or just some bias resulting from Fiksu's tracking abilities. The simpler explanation is that Apple nailed it with the iPad Air. You can see up-to-date info on Fiksu usage tracker.


iPad Air usage relative to iPad 4th Gen & iPad Mini

Source: Fiksu

If the new shiny of the iPad Air is making your first generation iPad look sad and old, now might be a good time to get rid of it. I've checked the value of my first generation iPad on online reseller sites and it's generally valued at about $70, but for some crazy reason Target is running a promotion during which they'll give you a $200 Target gift card in exchange for a working iPad 1. You have to be fast though; the deal only runs until November 9th. In fact if it sounds like something you want to take advantage of, I'd do it asap before Target realizes what a crazy good deal they're offering and changes the terms. Word is that you have to find a Target Mobile kiosk inside a Target store to take advantage of the offer.

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