Leak: Xbox One getting HBO Go app soon

Also, YouTube finally comes to the Playstation 4 in System Software 2.0, due out soon.

A lot of people use their game consoles for more than just playing games; we now expect them to double as streaming players as well. When Sony's Playstation TV hit stores last week one of the most consistent complaints I heard was that it didn't support (much) streaming.

In the race between the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 I'd argue that the Xbox is winning the streaming race. In sheer numbers, I count 26 streaming apps for the Xbox One and only a dozen for the PS4. My numbers might not be exact but the Xbox One has roughly twice as many apps, with more being added all the time.

Both systems have most of the major services covered: Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. The one glaring omission is HBO Go. Neither system has that one yet even though both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 did.

The Xbox One might be correcting that omission soon, according to some leaked images uncovered by WPCentral. Originally shared on the Xbox One Reddit community, the images clearly show an HBO Go app for the Xbox One. WPCentral points out that the last time similar images were leaked for an app (in that case, Flex) the app rolled out within a few weeks.

In other words before the snow starts to fall we should be watching True Detective on our Xbox Ones.

Additionally thanks to the October Xbox One update, we can now access media from any source that supports DLNA; thats a functionality that we lost when moving from the Xbox 360/PS3 generation to the new one.

Over in the Sony camp we still keep hearing the DLNA is coming but not when. Last week Sony previewed System Software 2.0 on the Playstation Blog and when it arrives we'll get YouTube support (both an app for watching and the ability to share video directly to YouTube) and USB music support.

So at least there's progress in the PS4 camp but at our house when it comes to streaming the PS4 is used for CrunchyRoll and the Xbox One for just about everything else. This is not only because there's so much more variety on the Xbox One but because the Kinect-powered voice commands are pretty handy. I get that Sony's message has always been that the PS4 is all about games, but I still think they need to work hard to catch up to the Xbox One in non-gaming functionality.

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