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5 tips for juicing up iOS 8 performance

No matter your iOS device, these tips will help.

Installed iOS 8 and you're not happy with its performance? Here are five simple ways to improve it.

Turn off Transparency

There's no doubt that iOS 8 is pretty, particularly the transparency feature. But that prettiness comes at a cost -- a performance hit. So turn it off if you want better performance. You'll see a gray in places where you used to see transparency, though.

To do it, go to Settings-->General-->Accessibility-->Increase Contrast-->Reduce Transparency> and then set the switch to On.

Reduce Motion

Parallax is the iOS 8 feature that gives your device a 3D look, and appears to let you look around app icons onto the wallpaper. It performs its magic by using the gyroscope and accelerometer. That can reduce performance, though. To turn it off, go to Settings--> General--> Accessibility--> Reduce Motion and then tap to turn Reduce Motion On.

Reduce Storage

Some people have reported that when their iOS 8 device is too full, it leads to crashes and other problems. So go through your device and delete unnecessary apps, and photos and videos you no longer need. To find which apps use the most storage, and see overall how much storage space you've got left, go to Settings-->General-->Usage-->Look at Available Storage.

Restart Your Device

Sometimes a hard restart will fix performance woes. To do it, hold down the the Power and Home buttons simultaneously. That will restart your device, and possibly improve performance.

Turn off Location Services

Some people have reported that turning off Location Services can speed up a laggy device, particularly iPads. To turn the services off go to Settings-->Privacy-->Location Services, and turn them off.

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