Be warned: Windows 10 registry hack doesn’t deliver

A registry hack promising rapid Windows 10 Tech Preview updates is circling the web. Problem is -- it doesn't work.

windows 10 registry hack

Every "techie" has modified their registry at least once in their lives. Most registry modifications are used to make well documented system changes, usually recommended by Microsoft. The registry is also used by programmers to save and read application settings.

Recently, a Windows 10 Tech Preview registry hack has circulated the web, promising users the ability to install the same daily preview builds used internally at Microsoft. The hack adds two keys to HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ WindowsSelfHost \ Applicability: ThresholdInternal, and ThresholdOptedIn.

Registry keys added by 'hack'

Normally, users check to see if the newest official preview build is available through the Update and recovery menu in PC Settings.

Update and recovery

However, the only things users have been getting from adding the keys recommended by the "hack" is this message "Failed to download the new preview build, please try again later." and the error code: 0x80246017.

Error message.

It turns out there can be consequences trying to download non-official update builds via registry hack. According to Microsoft:

By changing these registry keys you do affect the builds that get targeted to your PC; unfortunately you won’t be able to get any of these builds unless you are a Microsoft Employee and have access to our internal network.

Changing the registry for unofficial builds is one thing, but you may want to try fixing the registry if your system is having problems getting the official build. For example, on my system the ThresholdRiskLevel key was inexplicably set to medium. According to Microsoft's instructions, this key value should be low. The screenshot below shows the correct keys and values:

Correct preview build registry settings.

So, if your system has a problem installing or downloading the latest build of Windows 10 Tech Preview (at the time of this writing, the latest build version is 9860), it may prove beneficial to run regedit and double-check the settings above. Of course, make changes to your registry only if absolutely necessary.

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