How to bypass your corporate home page

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Do you work at a company that loads a corporate home page every time you open a new browser tab? If so, follow these steps to create a shortcut to bypass the company time-waster and open the home page you need to do your job in a timely manner.

Create a web shortcut

On your Windows desktop, right-click, click New, and Shortcut from the context menu.

bypass corp homepage 01

Next enter the web address of your homepage. Mine is Google, so I entered Google's URL:

bypass corp homepage 02

Next, enter the name. For consistency's sake I typed in Google and clicked Finish.

bypass corp homepage 03

A new shortcut -- albeit plain looking -- has been created on the desktop:

bypass corp homepage 04

The shortcut needs only a few more customizations to work. Right-click the shortcut link, and select Properties. After the dialog opens, select the Web Document tab and in the Shortcut key field type the Ctrl+Alt+T keys. This is a good choice because most browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) use the Ctrl+T shortcut combination to open new tabs, therefore Ctrl+Alt+T should be familiar and easy to remember.

bypass corp homepage 05

At this point the shortcut will work after clicking the OK or Apply button. Instead of opening your default web browser as you normally would by clicking the application icon, hit the CTRL+ALT+T keys instead. This executes the shortcut link, instructing Windows to use the default browser to open your homepage -- bypassing the slow, annoying, corporate homepage.

Change the icon

If you wish to spruce up the plain-looking shortcut icon, click the Change Icon... button. I prefer to use an icon that matches the default browser -- in my case Chrome. To use Chrome's icon, view Chrome's shortcut properties, and copy the content of the Target field found in the Shortcut tab. On my machine this points to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

bypass corp homepage 06

Now return to the Change Icon window and paste the target text copied from Chrome's property window (be sure to remove the quotes) into the Look for icons... field and hit enter. Chrome's default icon set will be loaded -- I selected the icon normally associated with Chrome and clicked the OK button:

bypass corp homepage 07

Voila! The shortcut now uses Chrome's normal application icon -- looking much better.

bypass corp homepage 08

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