The most valuable job skills, according to hirers and recruiters on LinkedIn

The majority of the top, most highly desirable skills posted on LinkedIn are tech ones. These are the top 25 skills overall.

If you're thinking of upgrading your resume or making a career move, it helps to know which job skills are in the most demand. LinkedIn's research--analysis of over 259 million member profiles--reveals the top skills employers and recruiters are after. The good news, for ITworld readers: Most of them are tech skills.

The top skill is social media marketing, but under that are mobile development, cloud and distributed computing, perl/python/ruby, statistical analysis and data mining, user interface design, and digital and onlline marketing.

You might say, well, most LinkedIn members are from the tech industry (I don't think that's true) or that today's recruiters are actively looking for tech stars (that is true), but the list is still pretty handy. That is, if you're in the tech industry and decideing between focusing on mobile development or storage management.

The data is from all of 2013 on LinkedIn and it clearly indicates that tech skills are among the most highly valued skills for employers. Here's the methodology behind the chart from LinkedIn:

Methodological details: Since there are thousands of individual skills (and growing!) that you could list on your LinkedIn profile, the first thing we did was group these skills into meaningful categories, in order to give us the best chance of making sense of all the data. Next, we looked at all of the hiring and recruiting activity that happened on LinkedIn in the past year (as of December 5, 2013), and determined which skill categories drew the most interest from employers in 2013.

Now's a really good time to add social media marketing and mobile skills to your repertoire.

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