MICA is a "smart accessory" that lets you stay connected without the inconvenience of a smartphone

Credit: Intel

Ladies, are you tired of having a cell phone ruin the lines of your latest ensemble? Intel seems to think this is a big problem. That's why they've paired up with Opening Ceremony to develop MICA, which is kind of a smart phone for your wrist, minus the phone.

MICA stands for "My Intelligent Communication Accessory" and they say it's the first wearable designed with fashion in mind. The public facing side features semi-precious gems and a snakeskin surface, while on the inside of the wrist sits a 1.6 inch 256 x 160 curved OLED display.

I'm not being old and out of touch by suggesting this is an accessory for women; that's coming from Opening Ceremony. Creative Director Humberto Leon told Re/Code "We really approached this first and foremost about why would a woman want to wear this everyday, and how can it be incorporated into her wardrobe."

Rather than pair with a smartphone, MICA has it's own SIM card and it comes with two years of AT&T service, which helps to offset the hefty $495 price. You don't make calls on it; in fact it seems like you're limited to canned responses. It's primarily a notification device. You can get text messages, calendar notifications and check social media. Yelp has been mentioned but it's not clear how you tell Yelp what you're looking for. Intel has promoted a 'time to go' feature that compares your calendar with your physical location to notify you when it's time to leave for an appointment.

You connect MICA to a computer to configure and charge it. It's supposed to run for 2 days between charges.

MICA Intel

Sis needs to talk. Hope you have a cellphone handy to call her back

Clearly I'm not the intended audience here but this just seems like an odd device. You'll have to give your friends your MICA phone number if they want to text you, and if you expect to do more than a canned response you're still going to need a proper phone to call or reply. So what's the benefit in having this additional device? Beats me.

If you are the intended audience you'll be happy to learn MICA is coming soon. It's supposed to start shipping by the holidays. You can learn more about MICA at Intel's website.

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