It seemed like the HBO GO app for Xbox One almost launched yesterday

All signs pointed to the app's arrival...but then it didn't show. Hopefully it'll be here very soon.

Crunchyroll on Xbox One
Credit: Microsoft

About a month ago we heard a leak that an HBO Go app was coming to the Xbox One soon. That post still gets read fairly often today, which leads me to believe I'm not the only one really looking forward to HBO on the Xbox One.

Yesterday for a brief shining moment it seemed like the time had come. Someone on Twitter shared a picture of the HBO GO app on the Xbox 360; it now included a tag that said "Now on Xbox One."

But sadly that tile lied. There's still no HBO Go app for the Xbox One. Polygon contacted Microsoft who said the tag was a 'minor programming error' that has since been removed. HBO told them that HBO Go apps for both the Xbox One and the PS4 are expected in 2014. Polygon also linked to a YouTube video that was an ad for "HBO Go on Xbox One." Microsoft has since set that video to private, but not before GameInformer loaded a copy into their own media player.

So what does all this mean? Well we're just a few days from the Xbox One's one year anniversary so it's possible the app was ready to roll out and someone made the decision to hold it back for the anniversary. Or it could be that a bug was uncovered right before launch.

But it seems like a safe bet that the app was pretty much ready to roll out, with promotions set to go, and then plans were changed at the last minute. Let's hope it wasn't because of a bug that will cause a significant delay. I'm still expecting to have HBO Go on the Xbox One by Thanksgiving.

In the meantime Microsoft does have a new goodie for anime-loving Xbox One owners; a Crunchyroll app rolled out yesterday, taking an 'exclusive' away from the Playstation 4 (don't read too much into that, I just mean there was a Crunchyroll app on PS4 but not Xbox One up until yesterday) and giving those of us who use the Xbox One as media hub as well as gaming machine one less reason to fire up the Playstation.

There's also new MoviePlex Play and Encore Play apps for those of you who subscribe to these services via your cable providers. More info can be found on Xbox Wire.

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