Google Divide is a new productivity suite for business users

Google has launched a new suite of tools for email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and more--perfect for those of us who can BYOD

google divide
Credit: Google

Productivity suites aimed at enterprise and SMBs tend to integrate various tools--calendar, email, contacts, downloads, and tasks--into one application for information management (think Outlook and SharePoint). Google's take on this is Divide, and the company has released a Divide Productivity Preview app today for Android in the Play Store. 

Instead of separate apps, Divide combines multiple must-have business tools into one, like personal information managers of yore. It's meant to help separate the personal data on your device from the business data and comes with business-friendly features like looking up contacts in a corporate directory and creating meeting invitations. It also works with Exchage/ActiveSync and Lotus Notes infrastructure anmd allows the IT department to securely configure and manage the app.

Divide Productivity Preview is part of the Android IT Preview Program, which your IT department would have to be a part of. If your company has a BYOD policy in place, though, you can sign up for an invite to test Google's mobile business suite and see if it helps you get more done. 

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