Pinć converts your iPhone 6 into a VR system for shopping

VR enthusiasts are all waiting for the Oculus Rift to ship and change the world, but in the meantime we're seeing other stop-gap systems aimed at giving us a taste of the future. We already know about Google Cardboard and Samsung's VR Gear; now it's time to talk about Pinć from Cordon Development Labs.

Pinć Pinć

Pinć is a VR visor that you snap an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus into. It appears to be smaller (and presumably lighter) than the Gear VR. It's also cheaper. There's an IndieGoGo campaign that'll let you get Pinć for $149 Canadian ($130-$135 US); the Gear VR is $200.

But Pinć has another feature that sets it apart. It comes with a pair of control rings that allow you to interact with objects in VR space just by moving your hands around. The rings have LED lights that Pinć can track and pressing a button on them lights an additional LED that is interpreted as a tap or mouse click. Combine these control rings with using the iPhone's accelerometer to track head movement and you've got a fairly complete VR system.

Venturebeat got some hands-on time with Pinć and seemed to have mixed results, but this was with prototype hardware.

What's strangest about Pinć is that Cordon Development Labs seems to be pitching this as an ecommerce device. The idea is to sell Pinć at cost and then generate revenue through advertising and/or by taking a commission on anything sold via a Pinć VR storefront. The VentureBeat piece goes into the business plan in a lot more detail.

Here's a video of what what shopping looks like using Pinć:

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