Microsoft and Google both offer Santa trackers for kids of all ages

NORAD's Santa tracker

If you live in a household that concerns itself with Christmas you've got a big decision to make in the next few weeks. How are you going to track Santa this year!?

And while you may think this is just something to concern yourself with on December 24th you couldn't be further from the truth. Apparently Santa tracking is a month-long affair.

You've got two major options: Norad or Google. The Norad site is done in collaboration with Microsoft so in theory it should work better in IE, and of course Google would prefer you use Chrome for their site. In practice, browser didn't seem to matter as long as you're using something fairly up to date.

Both sites offer a variety of Christmas-themed activities with new content unlocking every day. So far on the Google site I've seen a simple sled-driving game and an animated movie. There's also a link to an Android app. According to a Google blog post the activities will eventually include Javascript courses.

That said, I think I prefer the Norad tracker. They have games too (the one I tried was a pretty typical 'click the clusters of jewels' game), but also holiday music (most of it from armed forces bands), movies and a library that talks about holiday traditions from around the globe and other Christmas-themed topics. There's even a OneDrive page with downloadable coloring pages. Overall I feel like Norad has a bit more for the adults. Norad is a bit more inclusive in the mobile department too, with apps for Windows Phone, Android or iOS. Microsoft has a blog post about the Norad tracker, too.

Of course you don't really have to decide. You and your kids can visit both sites throughout the holiday season to see what kinds of new activities unlock. Both sites are worth checking out, if you're a fan of Christmas.

Google's Santa tracker Google
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