Google can now show your your latest purchases via Google Search

Search for "my purchases" on Google to see your latest orders in search results

Want to see all of your recent purchases at once? (It is the season of shopping, after all.) You can now just Google your purchases in Search, Google Now, and other Google services.

The Google Operating System blog points out that while this feature isn't new, now you can do nifty things like search purchases by date or company. Start with "my purchases" to see a list of your most recent purchases, and then further filter by adding in, say, or "november 2014" in the search field. (If you're anything like me, you'll have to keep clicking that "show more results" button).

One important note: The "my purchases" search won't show up for you unless you opt into letting Google search your Gmail (in the search settings page, enable "Use private results").

This is a neat way to search purchases outside of Gmail, but you could also just find your receipts within Gmail by searching "category:purchases" or use a tool like Slice, which searches, organizes, and analyzes your email receipts.

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