Sony celebrates Playstation's 20th anniversary with limited edition PS4 bundle

PS4 Limited Edition bundle
Credit: Sony
PS4 Limited Edition and PSOne Sony

The Sony Playstation's 20th anniversary is here (the original Playstation launched on December 3rd, 1994 in Japan) and Sony is celebrating in a couple of ways.

PS4 Limited Edition numbered plaque Sony

The big news is that they've created a limited edition "original gray" Playstation 4. It comes in a bundle with a matching grey Dualshock 4 controller and Playstation Camera. They've used the original 4-color Playstation logo for this unit and both the system and the control have engravings showing off the original Playstation button symbols (for the controller, the engraving is on the touchpad). This limited edition bundle will sell for $499 or €499.

PS4 Limited Edition controller Sony

They're not kidding when they call this a limited edition PS4. Only 12,300 are being produced, worldwide, and each has a numbered plaque indicating which of the 12,300 you're looking at.

So how do you get one? Pre-orders start on Saturday, December 6th, and if you want all the details you'll have to tune into the Playstation Experience keynote being streamed at 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET.

The Playstation Blog has more info and this video gives you a good look at what the bundle includes:

But maybe you already have a PS4 or $500 is a little too steep? In order to help you throw a more frugal celebration of 20 years of Playstation, Sony has released some free 20th Anniversary themes. There's one for PS4, one for PS3 and one for the Vita.

Playstation anniversary theme @PlayStationEU

And as long as we're talking Playstation I might as well mention that they're running a big holiday sale with new deals each week.

I don't really need a second PS4 but I might try for one of those limited edition bundles just to hold onto as a collector's item.

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