The most interesting apps and projects Microsoft is making in "The Garage"

Microsoft's 24-hour idea factory is churning out apps for Android as well as Windows

microsoft garage
Credit: Screenshot by Melanie Pinola

Microsoft is working on some interesting projects--not just software for Windows, but also apps for Android and iOS.

The idea incubator is called Microsoft Garage, an after-hours weeknight get-together of Microsoft employees to work on sometimes wild. They've engineered sheet metal volvanos and Kinect-controlled fireballs, for example, just for fun.

Other projects, though, are more useful and available for everyone on platforms besides Windows. For example, Next Lock Screen is one of (if not the) best lock screen apps for Android, showing calendar information on the lock screen and quickly launching your most used apps. Reach Me, for Windows Phone, shares your location and turn-by-turn directions with friends. Student Planner, for Windows 8, automatically organizes course documents and information. And Mouse without Borders for Windows controls up to four computers with a single mouse and keyboard. Microsoft Garage has even been the birthplace of an Android Wear app.

To see what else you can download from Microsoft Garage, check out their "workbench."

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