Facebook is working on an AI to stop you from posting drunken photos

Facebook's digital assistant would ask you if you're sure you want your boss or mom to see that photo

Drinking and Facebooking don't mix. While we all know that posting embarrassing photos to social media is unwise, inebriation makes us more candid than we should be.

Facebook is working on a solution, according to Wired: a digital assistant that will use image recognition and artificial intelligence to analyse the content of your photos and warn you before you upload an embarrassing photo: "Uh, this is being posted publicly. Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?" Good question, Facebook AI!

The digital assistant will do more than just that, Wired says; it might also guide you to specific interactions with your Facebook friends and other Facebook content. Saving us from our late-night drunken selves sounds like a good feature, but it will be interesting to see how Facebook's "intelligent digital assistant" will be received--and, as always, the privacy implications of Facebook analysing and using even more of our data.

It's still an experiment in progress, so until we have Facebook looking after us, just don't use Facebook when you're drunk. 

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