Staples security breach: Check if your store was among the many with stolen credit card info

Staples just announced that hackers got access to 1.16 million customers' payment cards at 115 stores nationwide

Target. Home Depot. Sony Pictures. Staples is the latest in massive security breaches revealed this year alone. If you've shopped at staples in the last few months, you'll probably want to check this list of affected stores.

Only a small percentage of Staples' 1,400+ US retail stores were hit by the malware that stole payment card details (names, account numbers, expiration dates, and card verification codes)--but 1.16 million cards are believed to be vulnerable, which is still a whole lot of unhappy Staples customers. It's not as bad as the Target breach or Home Depot's, but it's another warning that retailers' point-of-sale systems are susceptible to these kinds of growing attacks.

Here's a list of the affected stores and dates, via Gizmodo.

My Staples store was among those affected and I did happen to shop between the August 10 through September 16 malware dates. This means that now I have to be even more on the alert for suspicious activity on the credit card I used there (it's small consolation that I used a credit card, which has more protections than a debit card).

I'm wondering if it's safer to shop online these days than in-store. Or if switching to cash is worth the incovenience but added security. Or if maybe Apple Pay is the easiest solution. Either way, this has got to stop.

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