SyFy and Phillips team up to add a Hue 'light track' to new series 12 Monkeys

Happy New Year! It's 2015 and that means we're living in the future! A future where TV interacts with your physical environment! OK well maybe that's a bit of hyperbole but I did find this story interesting and thought I'd share something fun to start the new year.

Hue is a 'smart light' system that's been around for a little while. A Hue light can change colors, flash and do all sorts of things. It's controlled wirelessly from an app, and you can program it to do things like turn on as you approach your front door, or change the 'mood' of lighting throughout the day via what they call Light Recipes.

So Hue is pretty cool to start with, but now there's another use for them. On January 16th the SyFy channel debuts a new series, 12 Monkeys. If you're running the SyFy Sync app on your Android or iOS device and you have Hue lighting in your home, your lights and the show are supposed to synchronize in some way. According to a post over at The Verge about this, the SyFy Sync app connects to your Hue bridge, picks up audio cues from the TV show and adjusts your Hue lights according to what SyFy is calling a "light track."

This gimmick is suppose to extend across the entire 13 episode season. Apparently this isn't the first time Hue and SyFy have collaborated; they did the same thing with Sharknado 2 (so maybe 2014 was actually the future) but I guess they'd didn't promote it much because I never heard about it.

I'm not convinced that I'll be watching all 13 episodes of 12 Monkeys, but I've been tempted by Hue in the past. This might be just the nudge I need to invest in a Hue Starter Pack ($185.97 at Amazon, it includes 3 Hue bulbs and the Bridge) finally.

If you happen to be a Hue user I'd love to hear about your experiences with the system. Please leave a comment!

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